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For Faculty, Staff and Scholars

This section provides information regarding requesting university immigration sponsorship for faculty, researchers and staff positions, and processes when hiring non-U.S. citizens in university positions. It also provides immigration status information for researchers and faculty in J-1 status, and H-1B employees.

Hiring Information for University Departments
H-1B employees
J-1 Scholars & Faculty

Brown Bag Lunch Series for JHU Faculty and Staff

The Office of International Student and Scholar Services is offering a series of lunchtime brown bag programs to help key faculty and staff gain a basic understanding of immigration rules and their impact on the University and our international community.  The sessions, all offered on a Friday from 12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m., are:

·         October 19:  Introduction to Immigration Concepts.  This session will provide background on U.S. immigration law and processes, an overview of some of the broad concepts that apply to all nonimmigrants in the U.S., and an understanding of the relationship of OISSS and other university officials in working with the legal aspects of our international population.  (Scott King, Director of OISSS, presenter.)

·         Friday, November 2:  The F-1 (Student) Visa.  This session will provide an overview of the F-1 student visa status, the status most commonly given international students.  Basic eligibility standards, enrollment requirements, employment restrictions, and related topics will be covered.  The role of Designated School Official and SEVIS reporting requirements will also be discussed.  (Susana Rodriguez, International Student Advisor, presenter.)

·         Friday, November 16:  The J-1 (Exchange Visitor) Visa.  This session will provide an overview of the J-1 visa status which is used by both students and visiting scholars.  Topics will include eligibility for J-1 status, requirements for maintaining exchange visitor status, and limitations placed on returning to the U.S.  The role of Responsible Officer and SEVIS reporting requirements will also be discussed.  (Jennifer Smith, Assistant Director of OISSS, presenter.)

·         Friday, December 7:  Employment Visas.  This session will provide an overview of various employment visa statuses, focusing on the H-1B but including NAFTA Treaty (TN) status and how we work with students on Optional Practical Training.  Topics will include wage issues, posting for H-1B positions, and the required timeline for the application process.  (Scott Pierson, Assistant Director of OISS, presenter.)

Any JHU faculty or staff member can register for one or more of these workshops online by going to  Click on “Anonymous Feedback” and on the following page you will find the link to workshop registration.  Registration is limited.

OISSS-Announcements Listserve

OISSS has established a new listserve which will be used to provide information and updates to interested faculty and staff.  You can sign onto this list, OISSS-Announcements by subscribing at  Although subscription to this list is open to anyone who is interested, posting is restricted to OISSS staff members, controlling the volume of messages sent.  We will share information included in the periodic newsletters we send to international students and scholars, as well as other updates that are important to academic and administrative departments. 

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