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About the Office of International Student & Scholar Services

The Office of International Student & Scholar Services (OISSS) supports the nearly 2,000 international students, scholars, and faculty who are associated with the Homewood Campus of Johns Hopkins University.  Through a variety of services and programs, OISSS staff members work to ensure that the legal, cultural, and other special needs of our international communities are met so that these individuals can achieve their academic and personal goals.

A major function of OISSS is advising international students, scholars, and faculty on immigration and other laws and regulations that pertain to them.  Part of this role is administering the university’s reporting responsibilities of various visa classifications, but more importantly it encompasses working with individuals along with academic and other university departments to ensure that legitimate academic needs are not hampered by immigration rules. 

The office and staff also offer resources which help all members of our university community identify, understand and respond to the adjustment process of those who have newly entered the American culture.   The excitement of living in a new environment is accompanied by both small and large adaptations, and OISSS assists in turning these challenges into an opportunity for personal growth and development.

Additionally, OISSS partners with Homewood units to address the special needs of their specific international populations.  Particularly at an institution as diverse as JHU, a positive experience of a student or scholar requires cooperation of and coordination between all involved offices and OISSS staff members, with a variety of unique backgrounds, skills, and interests, are available as resources.

As the world around us is constantly changing, so are the services and programs offered by OISSS to meet the needs of the campus.  Suggestions are always welcome; contact the director at

Staff of the Office of International Student & Scholar Services 

  • Scott King, Director
  • Scott Pierson, Assistant Director
  • Susana Rodriguez, International Services Advisor
  • Brett Wobbe, International Services Advisor
  • Kellie Allen, International Services Coordinator

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